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With the information you provided in our Student Loan tour on Facebook, we calculate you're eligible to have your loans removed from default status while saving at least $3,000/year, AND as Public Service Employee OR Teacher, you're qualified for ACCELERATED FORGIVENESS.

 Benefits: checkmark
Defaulted loans are "Paid in Full", credit scores repair.
New Payments are manageable, AS LOW AS $0/month as calculated by Federal Program law.  
DUE TO YOUR EMPLOYMENT, YOU'RE NOW QUALIFIED FOR ACCELERATED FORGIVENESS & loans will be forgiven fast than any other loan holder.    


 How it works: checkmark
All defaulted loans are "Paid in Full" as they are replaced with one new Federal loan in the exact same $ amount and interest rate.  
New loan has multiple repayment and FORGIVENESS options available.  
Payments are calculated to be affordable considering your income, family size, and the state where you live. Payments can be as low as $0/month.  
Payments will flex both up or down, depending on you income, but will ALWAYS be AFFORDABLE.  
Annual income and family situation is to be re-certified each year.  
 You're now moving towards ACCELERATED FORGIVENESS.    




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CLICK "Schedule a FREE review" consultation to discuss your exact options.  
Only if you choose, enroll in required programs.  
RELAX in knowing that your loans are now enrolled in the richest benefit program available by law.