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Here is how the easy three step process will work for most people.

Step 1. Enroll and receive module #1

  • As shown in the green bar above, we'll guide you through the easy to follow steps.
  • You'll be able to work in privacy at your own pace.
  • We'll verify the information you've submitted so far.
  • You'll gather some additional information for entry that is required in the government filings, most people have this type of information easily available.
  • Once this module is complete, your team will go to work to start the process of creating your necessary documents.
  • Once initial documents are created, we'll email you module #2.

Step 2. Complete module #2

  • This module will guide you through the process of accessing all of your Federal loans and choosing a plan that fits your needs.
  • Once you've accessed the loan database, you'll be able to review the different programs that are available for your specific situaiton.
  • Detailed explanations will be provided so that you may review the options and choose the best program for your situation.
  • If you have difficulty accessing your loans, or if you have questions about your options, friendly U.S. based staff is available to help via, phone, email, text.
  • You'll then choose the plan that best fits your goals. REMEMBER, you WILL be able to to change your choice, even after enrolling if your situation changes.

Step 3. Verify Income, Sign & Mail Documents

  • In this step, you'll be provided with instructions as to what type of income verification is required, and how to provide it.
  • Income verification will be reviewed to be certain it is correct to government requirments.
  • All necessary government documents are then accurately completed.
  • Long form of documents are emailed to you for your files. 
  • Documents required for signature and mailing are mailed to you via USPS first class mail.
  • A instruction sheet will be provided with any necessary details, and all locations for signature will be clearly marked with "sign here" labels. 
  • Place the signed documents in the provided, stamped, addressed envelope, and drop in the mail!
  • REMEMBER, many plans require an annual re-certification with the government. If your income or family situation changes, we'll be here to help make necessary adjustments until the re-certification is required.

In some cases.....

  • If your loans are in "collections"....
  • Or, if you've consolidated your loans previously and are now in default.
    • Your process will be slightly different as we will have to add another guided step.
  • DON'T WORRY at the moment! We'll determine later if this is necessary and guide you through the process to improve your situation too.