How Membership Works – The Student Loan Pro
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Our NO NONSENSE, NO RISK, promise.

Use the complete Loan PRO Tour application, not a restricted or partial version, all the while getting friendly phone, email, or text support to answer any questions.

After using the App and getting all of your questions answered, decide if you wish to buy the App and receive all required government documents. 

We promise that you'll receive at least one of the following after using our App and submitting the provided documents.

  • Some, or all of your loans will move ¬†into a plan that offers the greatest Forgiveness benefit allowable by law.
  • Application documents that when approved will reduce loan payments by AT LEAST $1,000 over the next year.
  • Program options that include the lowest payment allowable by law for your unique situation.
  • A path to stop tax off sets (lost tax returns)
  • A stepped plan to STOP wage garnishments.
  • At least 2 alternatives to get your defaulted loans out of default status and improve your credit.