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Here's the game plan for first Tour module

  • It's HIGHLY RECOMENDED that you work on a computer, not a mobile devise or tablet. Module 2 MUST be completed on a computer as it is a government requirement in order to assess your loans.
  • We'll verify the information provided and make necessary changes.
  • You'll gather some additional personal information. 
  • Add references, employer data and other information.
  • We will then guide you through the process of reviewing all of your loans so that the best most complete options can be reviewed.
  • Lastly, you'll review your options, ask any questions, then choose a path and plan that best fits your goals.
  • We'll guide you step by step in a simple process.
  • As an important point, where necessary, we've made the requested data a "must complete" field. This is done when specific data is required by the government to accomplish a successful filing.